It’s Gentoo season…

I don’t know why, but suddenly I have fallen (madly) in love with Gentoo/Linux. I just completed the process of replacing existing linux on all my computers with Gentoo, except the one used by family. So, most of my next blog entries will be related to my experiences with Gentoo.

All but one of them are running OpenRC. I am running systemd on one, just so I am aware of the technology. So far, both systems are running smoothly. Once I’m more experienced, I will switch to testing branch.

I’m not new to Gentoo but it never stayed for long on a distro-hopper’s computer. Till the season changes again…he we go…or…may be we will end up being pair for life…who knows?! 🙂


Use MDM instead of GDM in openSUSE 13.1

I installed Cinnamon on openSUSE 13.1 installation. I wanted to install MDM instead of GDM. Usual method with systemd systems is ‘systemctl enable *dm.service’. However, I could not find any gdm.service file to disable and any mdm.service to enable.

With some fiddling found there is a file which ‘Wants’ display-manager.service. I could not find any such file. However, ‘systemctl status display-manager.service’ showed it is loading /etc/init.d/xdm. Which inturn mentioned that it will execute ‘/etc/sysconfig/displaymanager’. Duh

Changing “DISPLAYMANAGER=gdm” to “DISPLAYMANAGER=mdm” now starts MDM instead of GDM. Issue solved for me. Don’t know if there are any cleaner way of doing it.

However, there is only one MDM theme which is old and I could not find any mdm-themes package to install in openSUSE. It’s okay. I don’t have to deal with ‘raising the curtains’ shit of GDM lockscreen and I’ll not be bored with the (you shall not change) grey GDM theme anymore. 😉

Enable vertical/edge scroll in (some) linux (distro)

I face problem on some distros, esp debian and ubuntu, that the vertical scroll (edge scroll) does not work. There is a hack for this problem, although I believe this kind of repetitive (across releases) issues should be fixed upstream. Anyway, the reason I’m adding a log here is because I am very forgetful and having an online copy helps.

As root (or sudo) excute the following:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse

sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps

If the vertical scrolling now works (mostly it will), the next step would be to make it permanent. Yes, the above fix works only till the next reboot, unless we make it permanent as follows. We need to create a file in ‘/etc/modprobe.d/’. The file name can be anything but it seems the filename has to end with ‘.conf’ extension. I named it ‘edge-scroll-fix.conf’. We then need to add the following line in that file.

options psmouse proto=imps

Now, even when we reboot, the vertical scrolling works :-)

Add google search to firefox on Linux Mint

Linux mint does not offer google search as option under search engines in firefox. I tried the method given in the . But we don’t get ‘Add Google’ option. This could be intentional or just a bug.

All these search engines are in the form of xml files placed (usually) under ‘searchplugins’ directory in ‘/usr/lib/firefox’. The actual path to ‘searchplugins’ directory may vary a bit. On Slackware it is under ‘/usr/lib64/firefox-/’.

I thought of copying the ‘google.xml’ from Slackware to Linux Mint. But then to which directory? There are so many directories containing ‘searchplugins’. There is one under /usr/lib/firefox/ which points to /usr/lib/firefox-addons, one in /usr/share/linuxmint/common/artwork/firefox/searchplugins … and then there are subdirectories under ‘searchplugins’ for each locale.

I tried to put google.xml in each of these directories (including locale) and/or removing yahoo.xml to check which one gives desired result. Uff…that was a lot of trial and error.. 🙂 But I finally found the correct directory which is ‘/usr/lib/firefox/distribution/searchplugins/locale/en-US/’.

Now, I have google as a search option under search engines. I don’t know if my settings will be overrriden when there will be an update to firefox. In that case placing google.xml under .mozilla/firefox/searchplugins (by creating ‘searchplugins’ directory ofcourse) will help? Will have to see.

Note: I understand Linux Mint’s reason for including yahoo as default search provider and not having google. But a bug is a bug (‘Add Google’ option not being available). If it is intentional then it is wrong!

SLiM login manager on Slackware

Today I installed SLiM and have switched to it completely.

Following are the two things I did.
1. I changed the ‘sessions’ line in the /etc/slim.conf file as follows:

The names should match exactly like the case entries given below.

2. I also changed my ~/.xinitrc file to the following. It is taken from archlinux wiki.

# The following is taken from archwiki.
# Source:
# which inturn is taken from the following
# Source:


case $1 in
exec ck-launch-session startkde
exec ck-launch-session startfluxbox
exec ck-launch-session blackbox
exec ck-launch-session $DEFAULT_SESSION

It is said SLiM 1.3.3 onwards is ConsoleKit ready. But I run 1.3.2 on my Slackbox. So have added ‘ck-launch-session’ to ‘exec’ lines. If I’m wrong, hopefully someone would correct me.

It also tried to change default theme to ‘slackware-black’ theme. The change itself works but I’m not able to choose sessions with F1. Its not that with black background the options are not visible. I tried to press F1 couple of times and the login. It still logs into default session. Have to check later.