My Box

Well, frankly, there is nothing very impressive about my box. It has fairly low configuration by today’s standards, but has enough to keep me happy! 🙂

Here is what it contains:

CPU : Sempron 2800+ s754,
Motherboard : Asus K8V-VM Ultra,
Graphics : Onboard (northbridge- VIA K8M890, southbrige- VT8237A)
Memory : 1GB DDR400 RAM (64MB goes to graphics)
HDD : 120GB Seagate SerialATA

At present five Operating Systems inhabit my box:

1. Debian (currently Etch) – My favourite. With each passing day I seem to love it more!  If I ever be able to set-up a home server, this would be my Server OS!

2. CentOS 5 – Thinking about RHCE! 😀

3. PC-BSD 1.5 – Its considered as an easier way into the FreeBSD world.  Heard almost everyone speaking respectfully about FreeBSD!

4. Test OS – A partition kept aside for experimenting with distros.

5. Windows XP SP2 – Ummm… am helpless here. My company uses some proprietary softwares which run only on 2000/XP.

In case if you are interested in knowing the partitions I have, here it is:

Partition Partition_Type File_System Size Mounted_As Comments
/dev/sda1 Primary NTFS 30 GB WinXP_C Drive OS and the Program files
/dev/sda2 Extended

/dev/sda5 Logical FAT32 10 GB WinXP_E Drive Drive for sharing data between windowz and linux
/dev/sda6 Logical FAT32 20 GB WinXP_F Drive Multimedia Drive
/dev/sda7 Logical swap 2 GB swap swap memory
/dev/sda8 Logical ext3 10 GB Cent OS 5 Thinking of RHCE!
/dev/sda9 Logical ext3 15 GB /home My storeroom. Master /home
/dev/sda10 Logical ext3 5 GB Test distro Any Linux distro that I want to test.
/dev/sda3 Primary ext3 10 GB Debian My main back up+server OS
/dev/sda4 Primary UFS 10 GB PC-BSD 1.5 To learn FreeBSD

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