SLiM login manager on Slackware

Today I installed SLiM and have switched to it completely.

Following are the two things I did.
1. I changed the ‘sessions’ line in the /etc/slim.conf file as follows:

The names should match exactly like the case entries given below.

2. I also changed my ~/.xinitrc file to the following. It is taken from archlinux wiki.

# The following is taken from archwiki.
# Source:
# which inturn is taken from the following
# Source:


case $1 in
exec ck-launch-session startkde
exec ck-launch-session startfluxbox
exec ck-launch-session blackbox
exec ck-launch-session $DEFAULT_SESSION

It is said SLiM 1.3.3 onwards is ConsoleKit ready. But I run 1.3.2 on my Slackbox. So have added ‘ck-launch-session’ to ‘exec’ lines. If I’m wrong, hopefully someone would correct me.

It also tried to change default theme to ‘slackware-black’ theme. The change itself works but I’m not able to choose sessions with F1. Its not that with black background the options are not visible. I tried to press F1 couple of times and the login. It still logs into default session. Have to check later.


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