Oops…I did it again!

Posted by SV on April 20, 2008

Oh yah! Impatience is another name for me. Barely few hours after my lost post about my experience with Hardy Heron on my desktop, I installed it on my newly bought Dell’s Vostro 1400 laptop. I just could not resist. I made it dual boot with Vista Home Basic that came with it.

Contrary to what I read in the net as to how Vista may trouble dual booting, my experience was quite normal. I had read that we should not use any Linux partitioning apps to partition the Vista space (mine was the regular company install with whole drive being the C drive). The author had suggested using Vista’s ‘Shrink Volume’ utility. Thankfully I read it after I did partitioning with GParted LiveCD. :) I had partitioned the drive the very same day I received my laptop!

I just put the Ubuntu 8.04 CD inside my optical drive and started the liveCD mode after reboot. Once inside, I clicked on the ‘Install’ button and everything went smoothly. Only thing I noticed was that inspite of 2GB RAM and a Intel Core2Duo processor, I thought the speed was not as good as on the desktop with only 1GB RAM and an old Sempron processor. Anyway the installation took less than 35 minutes and after I rebooted I was greeted with regular dual boot option.

I logged into Ubuntu and spent some time there and created a FAT32 partition so that I can share data between Vista and Linux. I again restarted my system just to see if I have any problem booting into Vista. Thank God, nothing such happened. Its working normally. Even the FAT32 partition created for data share is working properly.

Ofcourse, I’ll have to check the system performance for quite some time to come to any conclusions. But as of now, there seems nothing to worry.

Happy mobile computing with Linux! :D


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