No icons in Thunar under Fluxbox but OK under XFCE

I have both Xfce and Fluxbox installed. I am dabbling with Fluxbox now. When I lauched Thunar I realised I don’t have any icons for files and directories. I switched back to Xfce and found it was there. On searching LQ I found two solutions:

1. Put xfce-mcs-manager & in Fluxbox’s startup file and use xfce-settings-show.

I’m not sure for which version of Slackware was this, but on my 1337 release it did not work. That’s because I don’t have either xfce-mcs-manager or xfce-settings-show.

2. Put the following in the ~/.gtkrc file


I did so but still it did not work. Was reading related search results and found in one thread that the actual file was ~/.gtkrc-2.0! I changed file name from .gtkrc to .gtkrc-2.0 and voila it works! 🙂


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