No audio in amarok 2.5.x (KDE 4.8.x) while audio works in other media players

I’ve a full install of Slackware, now upgraded to -current 🙂 I have this habit of hopping between DEs/WMs. Today I was working in KDE and wanted to listen to some music. But when I tried amarok there was no sound. I could see the volume was max. I tried to check if sound is working under ‘Playback’ settings. If I ‘test’ the playback it works fine. More irritating was that all other players installed were able to play music.

The backend was set default to Gstreamer. Since gstreamer does not come with default Slackware installs I changed the backend first to Xine and then to MPlayer. Logged out and logged back in. No luck.

Then, as is the good practice, I searched online to find that it was indeed an issue with backend. See here in this kde forum thread. The lady who seems to be associated with the amarok project says only supported backends now are phonon-backend-gstreamer and phonon-backend-vlc!

I have not installed VLC. VLC has always worked for me. But this time I wanted to try gstreamer (in Slackware I mean). So, I grabbed gst-ffmpeg, gst-plugins-bad and gst-plugins-ugly from Created SBo packages and installed. Changed amarok’s backend to gstreamer. Logged out and logged in. Now, amarok works normal. 🙂

My problem is solved. But how come so many people have problem with such issue and find their answers in forums or irc channels. Hasn’t amarok made it clear to all? Don’t packagers know? Slackware does not come with Gstreamer (because it is available in If Xine and Mplayer backends are not supported by amarok, what is the use of packaging amarok which cannot have sound? Huh…


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