Installed FreeBSD…and loving it… :-)

I installed FreeBSD 8.2 today (actually installed yesterday, but got a working desktop today). I installed xfce4 as desktop, midori for browsing. Now I can read online and work on my BSD.

Installing FreeBSD was fun, good learning experience and actually easy. The actual install was a breeze. It’s just that I took a lot of time to read the material.

Its so much like linux and yet so much different. However, I must note one thing. I have used Slackware and Gentoo before apart from, you guessed it right, ubuntu, debian and fedora. I can not help noticing that Slackware and Gentoo (in that order) are very much near to FreeBSD (or BSD in general) than any other distros.

I installed ‘gnash’ through ‘package’ system. Youtube works fine. I don’t understand why people cry so much for Adobe Flashplayer/flashplugin when we have ‘gnash’. It has really matured. It works fine on all of my linux distros (both 32-bit and 64-bit). And now on FreeBSD too.

With youtube capable browser, simple-yet-powerful XFCE desktop, I believe I’ll able to learn a lot on/about FreeBSD.

Happy hacking… :-)


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