Fedora Rocks!


Posted by SV on November 15, 2007

Few days back I reinstalled the Fedora 7 (KDE ed). The installation took only 10m! Thats really ‘fast’ for me. Ofcourse boot time is lil longer than ubuntu/windows may be because it initiates so many processes. I guess a little tweaking may help in reducing the boot time.

As the default KDE install did not have Firefox and Thunderbird, I tried to install it through pirut. Pirut did trouble me. ‘Retriving information…’ went on and on and on… I lost my patience and force quit the application. I then used yum to install them and in about 8-10m I was browsing and mailing using my favourite applications. Dont know if that was a temp problem with pirut or it seriously has some bugs. Anyway I’m comfortable using yum so guess that should not matter much.

Fedora doesnot come with mp3/mpeg plugins for license/patent reasons. Its one factor that many take into consideration while choosing a distro. But inability to play the mp3s/mpegs doesnot bother me for two reasons. Firstly, I’m not a music guy. I won’t die without it. Secondly, I’ve found a script that converts mp3 to ogg and I’ve converted all my mp3 songs to ogg format. My ears are not sharp enough to notice the reduction in quality after conversion from one lossy format to another!

Apart from pirut all the default applications ‘just work’! I just love Fedora. Its going to be my primary desktop OS for a long time if they continue to keep this standard.


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