Enable vertical/edge scroll in (some) linux (distro)

I face problem on some distros, esp debian and ubuntu, that the vertical scroll (edge scroll) does not work. There is a hack for this problem, although I believe this kind of repetitive (across releases) issues should be fixed upstream. Anyway, the reason I’m adding a log here is because I am very forgetful and having an online copy helps.

As root (or sudo) excute the following:

sudo modprobe -r psmouse

sudo modprobe psmouse proto=imps

If the vertical scrolling now works (mostly it will), the next step would be to make it permanent. Yes, the above fix works only till the next reboot, unless we make it permanent as follows. We need to create a file in ‘/etc/modprobe.d/’. The file name can be anything but it seems the filename has to end with ‘.conf’ extension. I named it ‘edge-scroll-fix.conf’. We then need to add the following line in that file.

options psmouse proto=imps

Now, even when we reboot, the vertical scrolling works :-)


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