Add google search to firefox on Linux Mint

Linux mint does not offer google search as option under search engines in firefox. I tried the method given in the . But we don’t get ‘Add Google’ option. This could be intentional or just a bug.

All these search engines are in the form of xml files placed (usually) under ‘searchplugins’ directory in ‘/usr/lib/firefox’. The actual path to ‘searchplugins’ directory may vary a bit. On Slackware it is under ‘/usr/lib64/firefox-/’.

I thought of copying the ‘google.xml’ from Slackware to Linux Mint. But then to which directory? There are so many directories containing ‘searchplugins’. There is one under /usr/lib/firefox/ which points to /usr/lib/firefox-addons, one in /usr/share/linuxmint/common/artwork/firefox/searchplugins … and then there are subdirectories under ‘searchplugins’ for each locale.

I tried to put google.xml in each of these directories (including locale) and/or removing yahoo.xml to check which one gives desired result. Uff…that was a lot of trial and error.. 🙂 But I finally found the correct directory which is ‘/usr/lib/firefox/distribution/searchplugins/locale/en-US/’.

Now, I have google as a search option under search engines. I don’t know if my settings will be overrriden when there will be an update to firefox. In that case placing google.xml under .mozilla/firefox/searchplugins (by creating ‘searchplugins’ directory ofcourse) will help? Will have to see.

Note: I understand Linux Mint’s reason for including yahoo as default search provider and not having google. But a bug is a bug (‘Add Google’ option not being available). If it is intentional then it is wrong!


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