Got a laptop atlast..!

It was my dream to have a laptop. I wanted to build a home network, with my laptop as regular computer for day-to-day cores and the desktop acting as a home server. It took almost two years for me to fulfill my dream. Now, I’m a proud owner of Dell Vostro 1400.

The configuration is more than enough for me. It has:
1. Intel Core2Duo 1.4 GHz processor,
2. 2GB DDR2 RAM at 667MHz,
3. Intel X3100 graphics card,
4. DVD writer,
5. Built-in webcam, bluetooth module…

Since, I’m not much into gaming or heavy graphics, the X3100 card is more than sufficient for me. I’ve not gone for Home Premium or any higher version of Vista with ‘Aero’ experience 😛

I’m now googling around to see how I can dual boot my laptop with Vista and Linux side-by-side. I would have gone for a full install of Linux, but for proprietary office related softwares. Anyway, co-existing with windowz is not a new thing for me and anyway isn’t tolerance a virtue?   😉


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